Capricorn Horoscope March 2014

capricorn marchSummary: A month focused on travel, communication, and partnership. You may begin to rethink long-term goals and career matters, as well as home needs. Everything will come to a head in April.

Expanded Horoscope: Thinking of getting married or beginning a business partnership? This month is one of the very best to make it official. There’s a beautiful new moon occurring on February 28th in your 3rd house of contracts, communication, and travel that’s arm in arm with Jupiter in your 7th house of partnerships. Both reach out to Pluto in your sign, indicating that this new commitment is very important to you, and may even change your life in some way!

Neptune’s proximity to the new moon is great news for artists, musicians, and anyone in a creative field. It also may make a commitment in romance feel magical or fated in some way. Just make sure to keep your eyes open if you’re signing a contract. Read over all the details so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

The great news is that Jupiter will go direct in your partnership sector on March 6th, giving you the go ahead to partner up in love or business, and you may find these matters speed up after this time. March 26th is a great day to make any initiations, as Mercury will reach out to Jupiter in your commitment sectors.

The new moon may also bring some kind of travel, reading, or speaking engagement your way. This is amplified by the full moon on March 16th, which occurs in your travel and higher education house. You may finish a screenplay or manuscript, learn you were accepted into the university of your choice, or decide to take a trip. Why not invite some friends? Saturn will ping the moon from your house of friendship, making for a fine time.

Switching gears, Mercury goes direct in your income house on March 1st, so if you’ve been negotiating for a raise, you should hear word soon. Even better, Venus enters this sector on March 6th, doubling your chance at a higher salary. On March 18th, Venus in this sector will give a friendly ping to Uranus in your home sector, indicating that perhaps you’ll put your new funds into some home improvement! You may upgrade your space or perhaps  realize you can afford to move to an even better place! Tread carefully as April may bring unexpected home news that throw your plans for a loop.

Mars goes retrograde in your career house on March 1st, suggesting that you’re rethinking career matters. If you’re unhappy in your job, this is a good time to look for a new one, although I’d hold off on committing until after Mars returns to direct motion (on May 19th). Alternatively, you may have to go back and re-do some work you thought was finished, or that isn’t quite up to snuff.

Over in your dreams and friendship house, Saturn goes retrograde on March 2nd. You may be re-evaluating some friendships, or if you’ve recently moved, you may be in the process of re-establishing your social circle. Alternatively, perhaps you’re finding that your long-term hopes and goals are changing or you’re taking steps to re-evaluate what you want out of life. This retrograde will last until July 2014, so use this time to contemplate who you are and who you want to be. You may find that what you thought you wanted a few years ago no longer applies! That’s ok- people are always evolving and changing. It’s a good thing- it means you’re growing!

Be prepared to REALLY grow next month, as planets in the angles of your chart- your self house, home house, partnership house, and career house- suggest that big changes are brewing in your world. Everything that’s been building up this month will soon come to a head. Don’t worry- change is usually a positive thing, and if anyone can handle it, Capricorn can!

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