Aries Horoscope March 2014

aries marchSummary: A month focused on endings, recuperation, and family. Mid-month, a work or health matter may culminate. Relationships come up for review.

Extended Horoscope: If you’re looking to move or close a chapter of your life, this is a beautiful month to do so, with the new moon on February 28th in your house of endings in perfect alignment with Jupiter in your home and family sector. You may move out of a long-time home, or say good bye to a family member who is moving away. Jupiter goes direct on March 6th in your home sector, bringing good luck to this area until July.

The new moon will also reach out to Pluto in your career sector, indicating that your move may have to do with a new job, or perhaps a job comes to an end. In fact, this seems to happen on or around March 16th, when there’s a full moon in your work and health sector well-angled to Saturn in your money house. You may get funding for a company or project, or perhaps land or begin a new job, one that seems to have a good bonus structure. Alternatively, you may end a job or sell a project, perhaps even getting a nice payout for your time.

The full moon could indicate that a health matter comes to fruition, especially since it’s well-angled to Saturn in your house of surgery. Guard your health closely, as you are more prone to getting sick around this time.

With all of these planets moving around in your health sectors, be sure to take it easy this month and leave lots of time for rest and recuperation. Since March is the month before your birthday (and in fact some of you will have a birthday this month!), try to tie up all the odds and ends of the last year, in preparation for initiatives next month. Next month will be a tough one for all signs, but especially for you, as Aries will be right in the thick of all the planetary tangles. Do all you can to build up your strength now.

It seems you’re going through some kind of transformation. Saturn has been in your house of shared resources, death, and sexuality since October 2012. You may have had financial worries, suffered some kind of loss, or on a more existential level, found your personal views and beliefs completely transforming. This month, Saturn will go retrograde on March 2nd, bringing these issues back up for review. You may have to confront some uncomfortable emotions, but luckily Saturn will leave this sector on December 24th (although it will return very briefly in 2015) and it won’t be back for 29 years! Saturn goes direct in this sector in July.

Additionally, Mars, your ruler, has been in your house of partnership since December 2013. It seems you’ve been majorly focused on a love or business relationship, perhaps a little too focused in your opinion- Aries is pretty independent after all! Mars will retrograde on March 1st, bringing partnership issues up for review. If one of you is giving or taking too much, work to find a better balance. Since Mars is your ruler, you will feel its retrograde more than other signs. Things may come to a head on or around April 15th, when there’s a lunar eclipse in this same sector of partners. One week after that, planets in your home, self, career, and partnership sectors will all clash, indicating much upheaval in your life. So use Mars’ retrograde to figure out exactly what you want. It will return to direct motion on May 19th.

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Taurus Horoscope March 2014

taurus marchSummary: A month focused on friendship and long-term planning. Communication, writing, or speaking projects may pick up. Mid-month, a romance or child matter may peak. Relationships also come up for review.

Extended Horoscope: Are you working on a long-term communication or writing project? If so, this month is sending awesome vibes your way. The new moon on February 28th occurs in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, and it’s arm in arm with Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication. A contract or commitment may come up, and if so, you have great aspects- especially if it’s a creative, artistic, or musical project. Writing or technology projects also fare well at this time.

Alternatively, this energy could indicate a short trip with friends. If so, you’d have a great time, and it would be extremely memorable. If you’ve had any difficultly in a friendship, this new moon promises to smooth things over. Jupiter goes direct on March 6th in your communication sector, so you should find the right words to bury the hatchet.

Adding to the good news, Mercury goes direct on March 1st in your 10th house of career. If there were changes or confusion on the job front, they should sort themselves out now. Even better, Venus, your ruler, graces this sector beginning on March 6th, indicating renewed luck in your career.

Mercury also rules your 5th house of romance and children, so these matters will also become more in clear in the beginning of the month. In fact, there’s a full moon in this same house on March 16th, sextile to Saturn in your partnership house, indicating big news on the romance front. You may make a new commitment in love, deciding to become engaged or married, or possibly even decide to have a child or discover a pregnancy. There’s always the chance that this full moon will bring a romance to an end, and if so, trust that it’s for the best.

Saturn goes retrograde in your partnership sector on March 2nd, indicating that you may be reviewing a love or business relationship. A dormant relationship problem may rear its ugly head, forcing you to confront it. Saturn opposite your sun is not an easy position, so you may experience some setbacks or pressure in this area. Some of you are getting serious- perhaps even tying the knot, and this could be a daunting prospect for you. Others may find the cracks in their relationship showing, and over the next few months Saturn will continue to hammer those cracks until they break. If they don’t break, then the relationship is solid and Saturn will have done its job. Saturn goes direct on July 20th, and leaves this sector entirely on December 24th (although it will return briefly in 2015).

Cracks may also be showing at your workplace, or perhaps even in your health. Mars has been zooming through this area since December, and it’s possible you’ve been working round the clock. On March 1st, Mars goes retrograde, and some of these projects or jobs may become muddled or experience delays. Alternatively, a health matter may come up for review, and you may need to spend some time working it out. Things may come to a head on or around April 15th, when there’s a lunar eclipse in this sector. A week later (the third week in April),  planets in your work and health, closure, travel, and communication houses clash, indicating some upheaval in these areas.  Use Mars’ retrograde this month to get your ducks in a row, so that you’re prepared next month.

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Gemini Horoscope March 2014

gemini marchSummary: Positive developments may occur in your career, although more hard work is indicated. Mid-month, a housing or family matter peaks. Salary matters seem positive, but prepare for an unexpected expense in April.

Extended Horoscope: Get ready for the big leagues kid, cause your time is coming! The new moon in your career house on February 28th is coupled up with Jupiter in your income house, indicating a new job with a new salary to boot! It seems this job will come with some prestige, and is a significant step up from your current situation.

Adding to the good news, your ruler, Mercury, goes direct on March 1st, straightening out any confusion you’ve been feeling about a home or housing matter. In fact, you may hear news on or around March 16th, when a full moon occurs in Virgo and your 4th house of home. The full moon is well angled to Saturn in your work house, so it seems that your home and work needs are connected in some way. Perhaps you need to relocate for a new job, or a salary increase allows you to upgrade your place. With Jupiter going direct in your income house on March 6th, this definitely seems to be a possibility!

That being said, you may still have some kinks to work out on the job. On March 2nd, Saturn goes retrograde in your work and health sector, and will not go direct again until July 20th. You may be putting in long hours at the office, sorting out processes and projects, or even re-doing work to make it better. This my friends, is what we call grunt work, and you’re gonna see a lot of it.

Another possibility of Saturn’s retrograde is that a health issue could come up for review. Make sure to schedule doctor and dentist appointments, and if you experience any unusual symptoms, play it safe and get them checked out. If you’re in the US and you haven’t gotten health insurance yet, go here. The deadline is March 31st, so get on it now! Do it as early as possible, as the end of March brings a fight between planets in your financial houses.

Most likely, you will all be fine health-wise, so absolutely nobody should be alarmed. However, if you’ve been neglecting your health in some way, Saturn’s trip through your 6th house will dig it up and force you to confront it. Even if you’ve taken excellent care of yourself, and worked out and eaten your veggies, you never know what can happen. Best be prepared.

The other big news this month is that Mars goes retrograde in your 5th house of love and children. If things have been hot and heavy with a new romance, you may decide to take a breather or at least slow it down a little. Alternatively, your new honey may be the one to pull away, leaving you with little clue as to what the heck just happened. If you have children or are working on some kind of creative project or hobby, issues and delays may come up at this time as well. Mars goes direct on May 19th, at which time everything should clear itself up.

Next month will likely be difficult for all signs, as there’s a tense four way square between Mars, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. Although this is most likely to play out on the world stage (think Ukraine and Venezuela), you will likely feel the burn as well. For you, the tension will take place in your financial houses, as well as your house of hopes and dreams. Expect some of your long-term goals to be rocked.

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Cancer Horoscope March 2014

cancer marchSummary: A month focused on travel, study, and broad horizons. A project or trip may come together mid-month. Home and family issues may come up for review and need your attention.

Extended Horoscope: Foreign people and places are well-starred for you this month, dear crab, and it seems you’re really expanding your horizons! The new moon on February 28th occurs in this sector, and it comes perfectly aligned with Jupiter in your own sign. You may go on or plan an eye-opening travel experience, expand your business internationally, or take on an important overseas client. Other crabs may be going on trips of a more intellectual nature- perhaps starting higher eduction or undergoing some sort of training or study.

Even better news, Jupiter in your sign goes direct on March 6th, giving you the maximum strength of its good-luck energy. It seems that whatever is going on with you is extremely important to your identity and brings you a lot of joy. Additionally, Mercury goes direct in your 8th house of money on March 1st, ensuring you have the cash to fund whatever adventure your heart desires.

A full moon occurs in your 3rd house of short distance travel on March 16th. You may take a short trip, perhaps with a child, or perhaps with a new romance. Alternatively, you may sign a contract or purchase a new car. Some cancers may even hear that a sibling is pregnant!

Saturn has been traversing your 5th house of fun, romance, and children since October 2012, making for a somewhat sobering time. Coupled up Cancers may have found their romantic spark to be a little, ummm…flat, lately. Single crabs may be having trouble on the dating scene and wondering how things got so dire. Has it really been 6 months since you went on a date? Still others may have have had a child recently and been introduced to just how hard it is to make time for romance when you’re constantly changing dirty diapies!

Saturn goes retrograde on March 2nd, bringing some of these issues up for you to resolve. If you want that spark, you’re going to have to work for it over the next few months (until July 20th). Make time for date night, and if you’re a new parent, try to keep the poo poo conversations to a minimum. Single cancers might be better off focusing on themselves and their own interests for the time being. You never know- that special someone might just come along when you stop looking so hard.

Mars is another planet that will retrograde, and it will do so on March 1st in  your 4th house of home. Renovation plans may hit a snag, or you may encounter difficulties with a roommate, landlord, plumbing, or home wiring issue. This would not be an ideal time to move, as you may find the conditions are not what you were hoping for. If you’ve been working from home, you may encounter difficulties at this time as well, perhaps finding the environment is no longer conducive to getting work done. You may encounter unexpected familial news at this time as well.

Mars goes direct on May 19th, so try to hold off on any major initiations until this time. April is an especially chaotic month to make big moves, as planets in your houses of home, career, partnership, and self will clash. Your sign is right in the thick of this square, especially if your birthday falls close to July 5th. It seems that any issues that have been building up will come to a head in the third week of April, possibly around the eclipse on April 15th.

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Leo Horoscope March 2014

leo marchSummary: A month focused on inner peace, quiet, and creativity. Positive financial developments may occur. A home matter may need to be revisited.

Extended Horoscope: With planets forming beneficial aspects between the two most mysterious houses in your chart, the 8th and 12th, March is a dreamy and inspired time to be a Leo! The new moon and Jupiter work together on February 28th to urge you to dig within your own psyche to uncover your deepest desires, fears, and truths. Why not channel this energy into painting, writing, music, or acting? You may be surprised at what you can create when you allow yourself to truly feel your emotions.

Leo is a pretty gregarious sign, so this energy might feel a little daunting to those of you who prefer to keep it light (umm, most of you). Laying low may feel a little unnatural, but if you do this creative work now, you will benefit enormously when Jupiter comes to visit your sign this July for a whole year. Luckily, Jupiter goes direct on March 6th, making its march (no pun intended) towards Leo even closer! So get cracking. Overnight successes don’t happen overnight- it takes years of hard work- often done in solitude- to create something that’s worthy of recognition. So shut the doors, turn off the lights, and let that magnificent brain of yours create a masterpiece.

The new moon may reveal itself in other ways as well. Some of you could hear positive developments in the health of yourself or a loved one. Surgery is well-starred. You may even find your libido goes up about five octaves, making you go all Christian Grey on your partner.

The new moon may also bring you some unexpected cash- perhaps in the form of a tax refund, work bonus, or inheritance. Alternatively you could sell a creative idea, or sell a company or project and be paid nicely. If you work in an occult field, religious field, medical field, or creative field, this energy will benefit you the most.

Positive financial developments are also indicated by the new moon on March 16th, which falls in your 2nd house of income. It seems you may have a new income stream, or perhaps receive funds from a family member or through a home sale. Perhaps a work-from-home opportunity finally pays off. The 2nd house is associated not only with income, but also with family, stability, and self-worth, so the full moon’s connection to Saturn in your 4th house of home doubles down on the possibility that family matters will be prominent this month.

Saturn seems to have been putting pressure on your home life ever since its entry into this sector in October 2012. This month, Saturn goes retrograde on March 2nd, illuminating these issues even more brightly. If you are trying to move or re-decorate or renovate your home, you may encounter setbacks at this time. Alternatively, you may find your housing situation to be less-than-ideal. Roommates could be troublesome, or family members could give you grief. I hope that no one in your family is experiencing an illness, but this is a possibility. Saturn will go direct on July 20th.

Mars is the second planet that will retrograde this month, and it will do so on March 1st. You may suddenly find yourself having trouble getting from A to B. You may experience mechanical breakdowns, travel delays, or communication problems. Make sure your car is filled with oil and gas, and get those tire checked! Some of you may be thinking of purchasing a new car, so this may be the time you do some research and narrow down your options. Others may hear of issues having to do with siblings or contracts. Next month brings turbulence in this area, as there’s not only an eclipse in this house, but there’s a four-way square between planets in your travel sectors and health sectors. Use Mars’ retrograde to prepare now. Mars will go direct on May 19th.

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Virgo Horoscope March 2014

virgo marchSummary: A month focused on partnership and long-term goals. If there’s anything you launched around your birthday, it may culminate mid-month.  Review your budget and try to cut out expenses. 

Extended Horoscope: Hope you’re ready to partner up, cause this month the planets want you to do-si-do! The new moon on February 28th takes place in your 7th house of partnerships, and it’s in arm in arm with good luck Jupiter in your 11th house of hopes and dreams. It also reaches out to Pluto in your 5th house of romance and children, giving love matters an edge. You may make a commitment to a partner, perhaps deciding to become exclusive, get engaged, or even get married. If you’re already married, you may discuss having a child, or you may even discover you’re already pregnant! Neptune is in close orbit to the new moon, indicating this may feel like a magical time for you!

If you’re not dating, coupled up, or thinking about romance in any way, this new moon may usher in a business partnership , possibly in a fun or creative field. If you’ve always wanted to start your own business,  you may now find the perfect person to help you steer the ship. Even better work news, your ruler, Mercury, goes direct on the same day as the new moon, straightening out any career matters that have left you scratching your head.

The full moon on March 16th occurs in your sign, indicating that something important is coming to fruition for you. It is well angled to Saturn in your contract house, good news if you’re thinking of making a partnership official. One thing to watch out for in terms of contracts, however, is the fact that Saturn turns retrograde on March 2nd. Proceed carefully, and make sure you know all the details of whatever it is you’re signing.

Saturn is in your 3rd house of communication, so its retrograde may bring travel delays and transportation malfunctions. Alternatively, you may hear of issues with a sibling, or perhaps find yourself putting your foot in your mouth one too many times. It will turn direct on July 20th.

The other big news is that Mars will retrograde on March 1st. Mars rules your 8th house of money, and is currently traveling through your 2nd house of income. The past few months may have seen you putting down that credit card left and right, and spending way more than you usually allow yourself to. The 2nd house rules possessions and comfort, so know that you are stocking up on “things” to make yourself feel nice and comfortable. Mars retrograde may force you to take a look at your spending and see where you can cut down. I mean, did you really need to buy that expensive J. Crew winter coat when it’s about to be spring? I didn’t think so. Mars will be retrograde until May 19th, so use this time to analyze your financials and find more sources of income if you need to. Next month seems to be a terrible one for finances, so make sure you’re prepared!

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Scorpio March 2014 Horoscope

scorpio marchSummary: A month focused on romance, pleasure, and travel. Mid-month, a dream close to your heart may come true. Saturn retrograde in your sign forces you to re-evaluate your identity.

Expanded Horoscope: March is a month tailor made for romance and fun, so grab your party hat and come on in! The new moon on February 28th may sweep a new love interest into your life, or open up a chapter in an existing romance. It’s perfectly lined up to good luck Jupiter in your 9th house of travel and broad horizons, and Pluto (your ruler!) in your 3rd house of travel and communication, indicating that a fun trip with your love might be on the agenda. If you’re trying to have a baby, this is a great time to try, and if you already have a child, you may hear good news about them at this time. All of this is especially true the closer your birthday is to November 2nd.

If you’re looking to make a commitment in love, conceive a baby, or begin a creative project, you may hear news around the full moon on March 16th. This moon occurs in Virgo and your 11th house of hopes and wishes, indicating that a long-held dream may come true around this time. The moon will be well-angled to Saturn in your sign, giving whatever happens extra stability and importance. You may also hear news about a friend, or connect with an influential person who could help your career.

If you’ve been looking for a new place to live or adjusting to a new home space, things may start to straighten out once Mercury goes direct in this sector on March 1st. Additionally, Jupiter goes direct on March 6th in your 9th house, straightening out any travel, writing, or higher education plans.

Unfortunately we do have some planets going retrograde this month as well (facepalm!). Mars will turn retrograde on March 1st in your 12th house of closure and secrets, which is a bit of a strange placement for Mars. Mars is an aggressor planet, and the 12th house is sleepy and dreamy, so the two are a bit of an odd couple. You may be dealing with some personal demons, addictions, or self-doubt, and Mars’ retrograde will force you to confront these issues. Mars rules your sector of work and health, so you may be having trouble in these areas as well. Use Mars’ retrograde to re-evaluate your work and health situations and fix whatever you need to. It seems that whatever is brewing will come to a head in the third week of April, when there’s a four way square between planets in your work and health, closure, communication and travel houses. Mars will resume forward motion on May 19th.

Adding to the chaos is the fact that Saturn turns retrograde in your first house of self on March 2nd. If you’ve recently started a new venture or relationship, you may be questioning if its really want you want. Alternatively, if you’ve been doing the same thing for a while- whether you’ve been living in the same city, working at the same job, or in the same relationship- you may start to get a little restless and feel the need to do something different. Use the retrograde to fix anything that isn’t working. Saturn will resume forward motion on July 20th.

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Capricorn Horoscope March 2014

capricorn marchSummary: A month focused on travel, communication, and partnership. You may begin to rethink long-term goals and career matters, as well as home needs. Everything will come to a head in April.

Expanded Horoscope: Thinking of getting married or beginning a business partnership? This month is one of the very best to make it official. There’s a beautiful new moon occurring on February 28th in your 3rd house of contracts, communication, and travel that’s arm in arm with Jupiter in your 7th house of partnerships. Both reach out to Pluto in your sign, indicating that this new commitment is very important to you, and may even change your life in some way!

Neptune’s proximity to the new moon is great news for artists, musicians, and anyone in a creative field. It also may make a commitment in romance feel magical or fated in some way. Just make sure to keep your eyes open if you’re signing a contract. Read over all the details so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

The great news is that Jupiter will go direct in your partnership sector on March 6th, giving you the go ahead to partner up in love or business, and you may find these matters speed up after this time. March 26th is a great day to make any initiations, as Mercury will reach out to Jupiter in your commitment sectors.

The new moon may also bring some kind of travel, reading, or speaking engagement your way. This is amplified by the full moon on March 16th, which occurs in your travel and higher education house. You may finish a screenplay or manuscript, learn you were accepted into the university of your choice, or decide to take a trip. Why not invite some friends? Saturn will ping the moon from your house of friendship, making for a fine time.

Switching gears, Mercury goes direct in your income house on March 1st, so if you’ve been negotiating for a raise, you should hear word soon. Even better, Venus enters this sector on March 6th, doubling your chance at a higher salary. On March 18th, Venus in this sector will give a friendly ping to Uranus in your home sector, indicating that perhaps you’ll put your new funds into some home improvement! You may upgrade your space or perhaps  realize you can afford to move to an even better place! Tread carefully as April may bring unexpected home news that throw your plans for a loop.

Mars goes retrograde in your career house on March 1st, suggesting that you’re rethinking career matters. If you’re unhappy in your job, this is a good time to look for a new one, although I’d hold off on committing until after Mars returns to direct motion (on May 19th). Alternatively, you may have to go back and re-do some work you thought was finished, or that isn’t quite up to snuff.

Over in your dreams and friendship house, Saturn goes retrograde on March 2nd. You may be re-evaluating some friendships, or if you’ve recently moved, you may be in the process of re-establishing your social circle. Alternatively, perhaps you’re finding that your long-term hopes and goals are changing or you’re taking steps to re-evaluate what you want out of life. This retrograde will last until July 2014, so use this time to contemplate who you are and who you want to be. You may find that what you thought you wanted a few years ago no longer applies! That’s ok- people are always evolving and changing. It’s a good thing- it means you’re growing!

Be prepared to REALLY grow next month, as planets in the angles of your chart- your self house, home house, partnership house, and career house- suggest that big changes are brewing in your world. Everything that’s been building up this month will soon come to a head. Don’t worry- change is usually a positive thing, and if anyone can handle it, Capricorn can!

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