Taurus Horoscope March 2014

taurus marchSummary: A month focused on friendship and long-term planning. Communication, writing, or speaking projects may pick up. Mid-month, a romance or child matter may peak. Relationships also come up for review.

Extended Horoscope: Are you working on a long-term communication or writing project? If so, this month is sending awesome vibes your way. The new moon on February 28th occurs in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, and it’s arm in arm with Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication. A contract or commitment may come up, and if so, you have great aspects- especially if it’s a creative, artistic, or musical project. Writing or technology projects also fare well at this time.

Alternatively, this energy could indicate a short trip with friends. If so, you’d have a great time, and it would be extremely memorable. If you’ve had any difficultly in a friendship, this new moon promises to smooth things over. Jupiter goes direct on March 6th in your communication sector, so you should find the right words to bury the hatchet.

Adding to the good news, Mercury goes direct on March 1st in your 10th house of career. If there were changes or confusion on the job front, they should sort themselves out now. Even better, Venus, your ruler, graces this sector beginning on March 6th, indicating renewed luck in your career.

Mercury also rules your 5th house of romance and children, so these matters will also become more in clear in the beginning of the month. In fact, there’s a full moon in this same house on March 16th, sextile to Saturn in your partnership house, indicating big news on the romance front. You may make a new commitment in love, deciding to become engaged or married, or possibly even decide to have a child or discover a pregnancy. There’s always the chance that this full moon will bring a romance to an end, and if so, trust that it’s for the best.

Saturn goes retrograde in your partnership sector on March 2nd, indicating that you may be reviewing a love or business relationship. A dormant relationship problem may rear its ugly head, forcing you to confront it. Saturn opposite your sun is not an easy position, so you may experience some setbacks or pressure in this area. Some of you are getting serious- perhaps even tying the knot, and this could be a daunting prospect for you. Others may find the cracks in their relationship showing, and over the next few months Saturn will continue to hammer those cracks until they break. If they don’t break, then the relationship is solid and Saturn will have done its job. Saturn goes direct on July 20th, and leaves this sector entirely on December 24th (although it will return briefly in 2015).

Cracks may also be showing at your workplace, or perhaps even in your health. Mars has been zooming through this area since December, and it’s possible you’ve been working round the clock. On March 1st, Mars goes retrograde, and some of these projects or jobs may become muddled or experience delays. Alternatively, a health matter may come up for review, and you may need to spend some time working it out. Things may come to a head on or around April 15th, when there’s a lunar eclipse in this sector. A week later (the third week in April),  planets in your work and health, closure, travel, and communication houses clash, indicating some upheaval in these areas.  Use Mars’ retrograde this month to get your ducks in a row, so that you’re prepared next month.

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