July Horoscope Leo

Leo July HoroscopeSummary: A month focused on rest, recuperation, and closing out old projects. Mid-month, a work or health opportunity could arise that requires relocation. The end of the month sees good-luck Jupiter move into your sign for an entire year, blessing all areas of your life with fortune and favor.

Extended Horoscope: June saw you focused on your long-term goals and plans, and it seems this is still very much on your mind. Luckily on the very first day of the month, Mercury goes direct in this sector, so if you’ve been doing a lot of research on a project but you’ve been hesitant to take action, you now have the green light to move forward. Same goes for any stalled friendships or social plans.

In fact, you may hear good news about a friendship or long-term goal on July 4th, when Mercury pings the North Node in your sector of agreements, travel, and transportation. What a perfect day to take a trip with a group of friends for a very happy 4th of July! An even better day for travel with friends is July 6th, when Venus in your friendship sector smooches Uranus in your travel and higher thinking house. On this day you may also hear good news about an education or publishing endeavor.

July 13th may also prove to be a day to remember, as Mars conjuncts the North Node in your sector of writing and communication, and the pair reach out to Venus in your house of long-term goals. You may be offered an exciting contract, one that could benefit you for a long-time to come, possibly involving a writing assignment or technological endeavor. You may even buy a new vehicle.

Backing up a little bit, the new moon on June 27th occurred in your closure sector, indicating that the first three weeks of the month will see you wrapping up old projects and plans in order to prepare for your own personal new year in late July. At this time, you may feel tired or run-down, or simply meditative and reflective. Allow yourself to hibernate this month, so that you can emerge from your cave stronger than ever later in the month.

Watch July 8th and July 24th as days for positive news about your home and family, as the Sun and Mercury in your 12th house send beautiful beams to Saturn. Good money news may follow on July 19th and  July 24th, when Mercury and then Venus smooch Neptune in your 8th house of shared finances! It could be that an inheritance or familial gift is on its way to you!

Do be careful for some overlapping challenges on these days however, as it’s possible that an travel taken on these days will encounter obstacles. This is due to the Sun and Mercury’s irritation with Uranus on July 8th and July 24th.  It’s also possible that your belief system is challenged in some way, or that writing, education, publishing or broadcasting projects will encounter obstacles. July 15th and July 18th are two more troublesome days, when the Sun will be angry with planets in your other travel sector, again bringing challenges to writing, travel, and transportation issues.

In addition, we have the mighty Pluto in your work and health sector facing off against several planets in your closure sector throughout the month. You may encounter difficulties on the job or with co-workers, or perhaps experience a health issue you can’t seem to shake. You are likely to feel this influence most on July 4th, when the Sun will oppose Pluto; on July 21st, when Mercury will oppose Pluto, and on July 27th, when Venus will oppose Pluto.

In fact, it seems a work or health issues will come to a head on July 12th, when a full moon occurs in this sector and comes hand in hand with Saturn in your housing sector. You may be offered a new job that needs you to relocate, or it’s possible you get a job or assignment having to do with real estate or construction. A few days later, on July 20th Saturn will go direct in housing and family house, possibly speeding up any plans in this area of life.

Again, it seems your travel or belief system will encounter challenges however, as the full moon angers Uranus in in this sector. Perhaps this new job goes against your values, or involves travel you don’t feel like taking. Uranus will actually turn retrograde (I know- it never ends!) in this same sector of travel and higher thinking on July 21st, so you may review this area of life and make changes over the next five months. In fact, you can expect big news on this front in October with the Aries lunar eclipse.

Luckily, the biggest news this month- heck, this whole year!- is good-luck Jupiter’s move into your sign of Leo on July 16th. The last year may have felt a little too low-key for such a gregarious sign as you, and it seems you’re ready to live as big and boldly as you deserve! Luckily, now it’s finally your time to shine! Expect major developments in all areas of life between now and Summer 2015. You could get married, have a baby, travel, get a promotion, start your own company, or get some press- whatever is most important to you is likely to benefit at this time, so reach for the stars!

Watch July 25th as a day when big career news could appear, as the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in Leo at 3 degrees, especially benefitting early-born Leos. Then, on July 26th, a gorgeous new moon appears in Leo that’s hand in hand with Jupiter, setting a wonderful tone for your life for the entire year!

Just be careful, as Mars will square the pair from your housing and family sector, indicating that there still will be some challenges in this area of life.

This is because on July 26th, Mars enters Scorpio, joining our buddy Saturn who’s been there since October 2012. You may be encountering obstacles with your living situation, or perhaps dealing with a challenging family matter. It seems things could come to a head on August 25th, when these two powerful planets collide. Because Venus in your own sign at that time will square the pair, it may be more challenging than you anticipated.

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Leo June Horoscope 2014

leo juneSummary: A month focused on long-term plans, friendship, and socializing. Mid-month, a love affair could blossom into the real deal, or you could learn that you or a partner are pregnant. The end of the month sees you wrapping up old projects and plans to prepare for your birthday month in July.

Extended Horoscope: A new moon takes place on May 28th in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, breathing new life into long-term plans and friendships. The moon comes arm in arm with Mars in your 3rd house of communication, indicating that June could end up being a very busy month for you!

You may go on lots of short trips with friends, or perhaps sign an important agreement of some kind. Just be careful, as all this planning and socializing could put a serious dent in your wallet, as the moon angers Neptune in your money house.

Watch June 5th for good news regarding travel, education, and writing endeavors, when the Sun smooches Uranus in this sector. June 19th may bring news to plans or friendships when the Sun, your ruler, conjuncts Mercury in Gemini.

June’s big news is Mercury’s retrograde from June 6th to July 1st. You may need to review goals and dreams to make sure they are still relevant to your life, or a friendship could go through a transformation. It’s best to save major initiations and commitments until after July 1st, when Mercury resumes direct motion.

Lest you think career news is over, don’t fret- Venus graces this sector for most of the month, and makes positive connections to Neptune and Pluto on June 4th and June 8th. You may get a bonus from a work assignment or learn about a big career win on one of these days- nice!

Just watch out for June 12th, as Venus and Saturn will oppose each other in your home and career sectors, pitting the needs of each against each other. You may be too busy at work to deal with home obligations, or vice versa! Try to strike a balance.

June 12th may also bring a love matter to fruition, as a full moon occurs in Sagittarius and your 5th house of true love. A romance may solidify or fall apart at this time, although the North Node’s beneficial position suggests you are looking to make a deeper commitment to your love. It’s also possible that a creative project comes together at this time, or you learn about a pregnancy!

June 14th may bring trouble to a work assignment or travel plans, as Mars angers Pluto in your communication and work sectors. This would be a poor time to sign an agreement, and you may even argue with a co-worker or underling. It’s also possible that illness interferes with a trip, or a vehicle breaks down in some way. Prepare for plan B and bring extra tires wherever you go!

On June 17th, Venus in your career house smooches Jupiter in your closure and creativity sector. You may end a job amicably at this time, or perhaps learn of a career win if you work in a creative, medical, or institutional field.

Your focus turns entirely to wrapping up old projects as the Sun enters your closure sector on June 21st, joining good luck Jupiter. Get excited dear Leo, as this means we are only one month away from your big coming out party, since July 2014 is the month Jupiter finally moves into your sign and gives you the glory you so deserve!

Leos get a bad rap for their, how do I say this…indulgences…ahem, but in fact, you’re one of the most loyal, hard-working, generous signs around! Sure you like your food, wine, and leisure time (you do rule the fun, party-tastic 5th house after all) but you know how to get down to business.

The thing is, you do your best work when you’re appreciate for your efforts, and lately its felt like no one gives a flying f***! The last year was an important one in that it taught you the benefit in letting go, digging deep into yourself, and learning that no one’s approval counts as much as your own.

Luckily, you’ve learned your lesson, and soon the Universe will reward you. For now, use the new moon on June 27th in your closure sector to finish up whatever you need so that you can begin new projects in July with gusto. This moon will be gloriously aligned with Neptune in your financial house, suggesting that by wrapping up projects, you may even net yourself a little moolah. Enjoy!

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Leo Daily Horoscope- Week of May 11th

let goSunday, May 11th could bring an unexpected expense, as Mercury fights with Neptune in your sectors of money and long-term goals. Adding to the stress, Venus and Mars will oppose each other from your communication and travel sectors, indicating snags and delays in these areas. Travel or writing projects could go awry, or you could find that errands and busywork get in the way of a planned vacation.

Luckily, Monday, May 12th should be better, as Mercury in your friendship and goals sector reaches out to Mars in your communication house. This is a great day to sign an agreement, or even to hang with a group of friends.

A full moon occurs on Wednesday, May 14th in your housing and family sector, indicating that something home-related will culminate at this time. Saturn’s presence to the full moon indicates that whatever comes up will be in place for a very long time, but also that it may feel difficult at the outset. Luckily, Jupiter will be supporting you from your closure sector, sending blessings your way. You may sell or buy a house, move, say goodbye to a family member, or gain a new family member! Unfortunately, travel matters may again prove troublesome on this day, as Venus angers Pluto in your work and health sector. A work assignment could go wrong, especially if it involves travel, higher education, or publishing, or you could even find that illness interrupts a planned vacation.

Luckily, on ThursdayMay 15th, Venus will conjunct Uranus in your travel and education house, and the pair will reach out to Mercury in your long-term goals sector. You may go on a fun trip with friends, or a long-term publishing or education dream could come true.

Friday, May 16th, and Saturday, May 17th see you focused on letting go, as Jupiter in your closure sector blows a kiss to healing Chiron in your transformation sector all weekend! You may make some money from the sale of a creative project, or you could just end up laying low all weekend. Enjoy the quiet time!

Leo May Horoscope 2014

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Leo May Horoscope 2014

leoSummary: A month focused on career, money, and health. Mid-month, you may hear jarring housing or family news, but it’s also possible that a positive home matter culminates. The end of the month puts you in party mode, as the emphasis changes to friendships, socializing, and long-term goals. Just watch your spending, as money news could be disappointing.

Extended Horoscope: A solar eclipse occurs on April 28th in your 10th house of fame and career, and it’s reaching out happily to Neptune in your 8th house of financing and transformation. It’s also reaching out to Pluto in your 6th house of work and health, indicating that a prestigious new job may be on its way to you! It seems that this job will come with a nice salary boost, which is great news. Alternatively, it could be that financing comes through for a career project- perhaps you get venture capital to back your new company, or a producer or publisher buys your screenplay or manuscript.

It’s likely that something will materialize close to the eclipse, but it’s also possible that this new venture unfolds some time over the next 6 months- perhaps even at the full moon in November. Keep your ears open also on May 5th, when the Sun in this sector reaches out to Jupiter in your closure house, and you may learn about a job opportunity that had previously been hidden from you.

Just watch out for May 2nd, as on this day, Mercury in your career house will oppose Saturn in your home sector, pitting these two areas of life against each other. It could be that the demands of your career take away from the demands of family or a housing project, making it hard to know where to focus your energy. May 10th will bring a similar aspect, as it will be the Sun’s turn to oppose Saturn. The Sun is your ruler, so I think you will likely feel more stress on this day. Exercise, sleep, and eat your vitamins, as you may feel drained at this time.

On May 3rd, Venus moves into Aries, blessing your 9th house of travel and higher learning. You may go on a romantic vacation at this time, or perhaps find romance at school or in a class. May 11th may be a tough day however, as Venus in this sector will oppose Mars in your communication house, and you may feel experience hiccups while traveling or pursuing a course of study. You may also put your foot in your mouth at this time, so watch for that! This would not be a great time to sign a contract if one comes up.

Mercury moves into Gemini and your 11th house of friendships and long-term goals on May 7th. You may begin to draw up plans for the future, perhaps making a 5 or 10 year plan, or moving forward on a long-held dream. May 11th will see Mercury angry with Neptune in your money house, however, and you may hit a financing snag or get into an argument with a friend about money borrowed or owed.

Luckily, May 12th is looking mighty fine, as Mercury will ping Mars in your communication house, and you may come to an agreement about a goal close to your heart. Alternatively, you may go on a fun trip with friends, or even just gather your pals around the dinner table for good conversation and wine. Contracts are favored on this day.

May 14th brings a full moon that could prove to be difficult, unfortunately. It occurs in your 4th house of home, and it’s conjunct Saturn, planet of tests and limitations. It’s possible that you are closing on a home, or moving, and if this is the case, Saturn’s involvement could prove to be a blessing, as Saturn lends stability and strength to all he touches. However, Saturn is also known as a tough teacher, and it could be that things don’t go your way. Adding to the stress, Venus in your travel house will square Pluto in your work and health house on this day, indicating that a work or illness could interfere with a planned vacation.

Luckily, May 24th is a day that should heal any snags that come up in regards to a housing or family matter, as good-luck Jupiter will reach out will reach out happily to Saturn in your home sector.

Another great day is May 15th, when Venus conjuncts Uranus in your travel sector, and the pair reach out to Mercury in your sector of long-term goals. You may go on a fun vacation with friends, get into the university of your dreams, or perhaps hear goods news regarding a publishing, writing, or broadcasting project.

One day to watch out for is May 18th, as Venus will anger Jupiter, and travel, writing, or higher learning projects may hit a snag. It could also be that your belief system is challenged on this day.

May 19th sees Mars go direct after being retrograde since early March. Projects, errands, and correspondence may speed up at this time, and you may even go on a lot of local trips or find yourself in the car or on the train a lot. If you’re a writer, your little fingers may move a mile a minute at this time!

On May 21st, the Sun moves into Gemini, turning your focus to friendships and long-term goals. The new moon in this sector occurs on May 28th, and it will hold hands with Mars in in Libra. You may soon go on a memorable trip with your friends, sign an important contract, or perhaps make a significant commitment to a person or job. Just keep your eyes open, as this new moon will square Neptune in your 8th house of shared money. Read over any contracts carefully, as it’s likely that you could pay for any mistakes down the road.

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Leo Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 30th

leo mar 30Sunday may sweep a new travel or learning opportunity into your life, as there’s a new moon in this sector, refreshing it for the year. Unfortunately, on Monday a trip could go terribly wrong, as Jupiter is cross with your ruler, the Sun. A writing or broadcasting project could hit a snag, or your travel plans could be delayed. Tuesday may bring an unexpected twist as well, as the Sun now hits Uranus and either saves the day or brings more distressing news. Wednesday could find you feeling ill, or perhaps suffering a temporary setback at the office. By Thursday, you’ll want to tear off your suit and go party with friends, no matter how big a blow that will send to your bank account. Things look up by Friday, when Venus makes a positive connection to the north node, and you may make a commitment in love or business. Contracts are favored today, as is a trip out of town with your boo. Saturday, Venus moves into your sexy 8th house, and things may get a little spicy at Chez Leo for the rest of the month. This could also spell good news for your bank account.

Leo April Horoscope

Leo April Horoscope 2014

leo aprilSummary: The beginning of the month may see travel or higher learning endeavors go awry. Mid-month, communication and transportation matters will climax due to the lunar eclipse in Libra and your 3rd house. This would not be a good time to sign any contract that comes up. The end of the month is a positive time for work and money matters, as a solar eclipse in Taurus indicates lovely new beginnings in your career.

Extended Horoscope: April could be a tough month for travel and communication, as it seems work or health problems may interfere with your plans. On March 30th, a new moon occurs in your 9th house of travel and higher learning, which is square to Jupiter in your closure house and Pluto in your work and health house. You may abruptly end a course of study or work project of some kind, or perhaps become ill and have to cancel an upcoming trip. Because the new moon will conjunct Uranus, it seems that events will come up out of the blue.

Whatever it is may play out over the first few days of April, as the Sun squares Jupiter on March 31st, conjuncts Uranus on April 1st, and squares Pluto on April 2nd. Because the Sun is your ruler, I think you’re gonna feel the burn on this one. Additionally, on April 7th, the Sun in your travel house will oppose Mars in your 3rd house of local people and places, and you may be torn between faraway people and places and your community close to home.

In fact, a lunar eclipse occurs in Libra and your 3rd house of travel and communication on April 15th, indicating that events close to home will most certainly be on your mind. A writing project or communication issue may come to a head, or you may  hear news about a sibling or neighbor. Because the 3rd house also rules vehicles and transportation, you could get a new vehicle or find some problems with your existing one. The eclipse will conjunct the north node in this sector, and the north node is known to be a fated and lucky point. Because of this, I feel that you will hear good news. Unfortunately it may be hard to appreciate any good news what with the chaos going on in your 9th house at the same time as the eclipse.

That’s right, now we have Mercury performing the same series of difficult aspects that the Sun just finished making! Argh! On April 13th, Mercury in your 9th house of travel will square Jupiter in your closure house, on April 14th it will conjunct Uranus and square Pluto in your work house, and on April 15th (the same day as the eclipse) it will oppose Mars in your transportation and contracts house. You may encounter trouble while traveling, or perhaps a work project will go awry. You may even experience illness! If a contract comes up at this time, which it very well might due to the eclipse in your 3rd house, I would do everything you can to delay signing. Mercury’s aspects are just too troubling.

This all should come to a head by April 21st, when there’s an exact cardinal square between your work/health, communication, travel, and closure houses. If you have a planet or cusp close to 13 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, you are likely to be affected. If you don’t know your natal chart, you can find it here. Whichever house holds the planet or point is one to focus on. While you’re at it, take note of your rising sign and be sure to read your horoscope for that sign as well. It’s just as important as your Sun sign and will give you a more complete picture.

Moving on to some good news, Venus enters Pisces and your 8th house of shared resources on April 7th, and conjuncts Neptune on April 11th, indicating an uptick in money is headed your way! If you’re an artist, musician, or creative of some kind, this is great news, as you may get a sale from a creative project. If you’re not in a creative field, watch your finances carefully, as Neptune can conceal details. We don’t want you falling for any ponzi schemes! When it comes to money, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. There’s only one real thing about a get-rich-quick scheme and that’s the SCHEME part!

However, April 17th could prove to be a very good day for finances, as Venus trines Jupiter in your closure and creativity house, a beautiful aspect that only happens a few times a year. Again, it seems money comes in from a creative project, or perhaps from the sale of a possession of some kind. Venus also reaches out to Pluto in your work and health house on this day, so you may receive a bonus or commission on a work assignment. April 24th is another great day for money, as Venus now reaches out to Saturn in your in your house of home. You may learn of an inheritance or trust fund, or perhaps get approved for a home loan, or a make a commission on the sale of a home.

The end of the month turns the focus to your career, and it appears that things are looking up for you dear lion! The Sun (your ruler) enters this sector on April 20th, and conjuncts Mercury on April 24th. You may receive an offer or contract for a new position or promotion, and if so, it seems like a great opportunity! In fact, a solar eclipse occurs in this same career sector on April 28th, and it’s a real beauty! Not only is it conjunct Mercury, but it’s also sextile Neptune in your 8th house of shared finances, and trine Pluto in your work and health house! You may just end up landing a prestigious new role with a hefty salary to boot sometime in the next 6 months! With Neptune involved, you should have a lawyer check the paperwork to be sure that there are no hidden caveats, but if you’re an artist or musician, or work in a creative field of any kind (which many Leos do), Neptune’s involvement is actually beneficial for you! All in all, the end of April is shaping up to be MUCH better than the beginning!

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Leo Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 23rd

leo mar 23Sunday, March 23: Faraway people and places seem to be on your brain these days, as the Sun makes its annual trek through Aries and your 9th house. Today may bring problems to this area however, as the Sun will square the Moon, and it seems work or illness may get in the way of a planned vacation. Alternatively, you may find your belief system challenged in some way, or perhaps you must do something for work that you do not agree with personally. Although this is a passing influence, the planets will brew up more trouble in these sectors by the end of the month,  so take whatever comes up seriously.

Monday, March 24: Your approach to work, service, and health has been undergoing some serious transformations ever since Pluto entered this sector in 2008. Today, the Moon joins Pluto (as it does once a month), bringing this part of your life to the front of your mind. Harness this energy to make strides towards whatever you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s a work assignment or health goal, and try to keep any enhanced emotions at bay.

Tuesday, March 25th: Travel plans, publishing projects, and transportation matters should go smoothly today, a welcome relief after Monday’s tensions. This is because the Sun in this sector will be in friendly alignment to the Moon in your partnership sign. If you have a trip to plan with your boo, today is a good day to lock it down. If you can’t get away, perhaps you could do some kind of activity together…a yoga class or higher learning course could be just what the doctor ordered.  At the very least, you may have a moment where you feel grateful for the belief system that you share with your honey.

Wednesday, March 26th: Today may see a money boost for you, as Mercury in your 8th house of other people’s money trines Jupiter in your 12th house of closure. This is simply wonderful aspect that only happens a few times a year, and you have even double the luck, since Mercury rules your 2nd house of earned income. Money could come from the sale of a possession or creative project, or you could learn of an inheritance of some kind. Fabulous news for you, dear Leo.

Thursday, March 27th: Money matters continue to be well-starred today, as Mercury in this sector now reaches out lovingly to Pluto in your work and health sector. You may get a bonus or commission from a work assignment, or perhaps you decide to invest some money in a solid work-out routine or health plan.

Friday, March 28th: With the Moon conjunct Mercury in your 8th house of other people’s money today, it seems  you have a lot of ideas as to how to improve your income stream. At least some of these ideas could have real weight, so make sure you follow through on them. Do your research and make wise investments.

Saturday, March 29th: With Venus in your 7th house of partnerships making a fine aspect to Mars in your communication sector, you seem to be on the same page as a partner. You may even make a commitment to your boo, either deciding to become exclusive or get engaged. Alternatively, you may be presented with a business partnership that you’re considering. While this is a lovely aspect, it seems that home and family matters might be causing you some strife, as Venus also happens to square Saturn in this sector today. You may argue with a partner about family issues, or perhaps a family drama interferes with romantic plans with a partner.

Full Leo March Horoscope

Leo Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 16th

leo mar 16Sunday, March 16: Money matters may come to fruition today, as a full moon occurs in your 2nd house of income. The moon reaches out sweetly to Saturn in your house of home and family, indicating  that money may come from a family member, or perhaps from work performed from or on the home. Since the 2nd house is associated not only with income, but also with family and ancestry, there’s a good chance that any news will be related to this.

Monday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Mercury enters your 8th house of finances today, indicating that money is still on your brain! If you netted some funds yesterday, you may now research the best ways to put your money to use. Leo tends to be a spender, not a saver, but it seems that you’re interested in finding ways to invest your money, so that you not only save it, but grow it as well.

Tuesday, March 18: Venus, currently gliding through your 7th house of partnerships, makes beautiful music with Uranus in your 9th house of travel today, indicating that you and your boo may be planning a fun vacation. If you don’t have the money or time for a vacation, why not take a class together? Yoga, mental work, and studies of all kinds are favored today! If you’re looking to partner up with a foreign company in business, today is a good day for that as well.

Wednesday, March 19:  The Moon in your house of home and family is nicely angled to Jupiter in your house of endings, indicating that you may be letting go of a housing or family matter. Tomorrow the moon will conjunct Saturn, and you may feel extra emotional, so enjoy any sense of peace you feel today.

Thursday, March 20: The Sun leaves your house of shared money and enters your 9th house of travel today, usually a time that indicates fun foreign adventures are on their way. While this may be the case for the next week, the end of the month brings a wonky new moon to this sector. If an opportunity to travel or work with foreign people or places soon arises, proceed carefully, as you may encounter unexpected work or health matters that interfere with your plans.

Friday, March 21: Mercury, ruler of your income house, conjuncts Neptune in your 8th house of finances today, which could spell either fortune or trouble for your bank account. On the one hand, you could sell a creative project and get money for your efforts, making this a fine time for you. On the other, Neptune can conceal details, and any investments may cause problems down the line. Keep your eyes open and read the fine print.

Saturday, March 22: The North Node enters Libra and your 3rd house of communication today, encouraging you to focus on your immediate surroundings. Keep in touch with neighbors and friends, stay local, and return those emails. Get all of your errands out of the way and tune up your car. You may encounter setbacks to projects that require big picture thinking, as the Universe wants you to focus on the details now. September will bring better aspects to matters regarding foreign travel, education, and big picture thinking. To read more about north node astrology, check out my favorite book on the subject, Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.

 Full Leo March Horoscope

Leo Daily Horoscope- March 9th- March 15th

leo mar 9Sunday/March 9th: With Saturn tearing through your house of home, you may have found yourself with difficulties in this area. Perhaps your family is going through a hard time, or a reconstruction project isn’t going as planned. Saturn will retrograde until July 20th, so use this time to straighten out any details so that you can get back on track.

Monday/March 10th: Mercury in your house of partners squares Saturn in your house of home today, and you may fight with your significant other about a family or housing issue. Perhaps you argue about how to decorate or where to live, or your family obligations get in the way of plans you had with a partner. Tread carefully, as your sign is caught in the middle of this fight!

Tuesday/March 11th: Today may find you a little introspective, as the moon spends the day in your 12th house of secrets and closure. If you’re looking to do creative work, this is a lovely aspect, as your imagination will be on fire. Tomorrow the moon will move into your sign, and all eyes will be on you.

Wednesday/March 12th: The moon spends the day in your sign, giving you the edge in all things Leo! Use this day to start new initiatives and make plans, as you’ll likely encounter success. Why not go out on the town tonight? You’ll definitely have a special sparkle about you!

Thursday/March 13th: Today is another great day to be a Leo, as your ruler, the Sun, in your 8th house, trines Saturn in your 4th house. You may get approved for a home loan, or come into some kind of inheritance.

Friday/March 14th: Mercury in your house of partners trines Mars in your communication house today, making for a fine weekend to get out of town with your boo. Alternatively, if you’re looking to take on a business partner, today might be the day to make it official!

Saturday/March 15th: With Mars zooming through your 3rd house of communication since late last year, you may have seen an uptick in errands, correspondence, short trips and busywork. Now that Mars is retrograde, you may encounter stalls and delays in these areas. Mars wants you to get everything just right, so take a deep breath and keep on keeping on. Relief will come on May 19th.

Full Leo March 2014 Horoscope

Leo Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 2, 2014

leo march 2Sunday 3/2– Today is not a good day for travel, as Mars and Venus are at war in your 3rd and 6th houses. Illness may interfere with a trip, and the likeliness for injury is higher than usual. Alternatively, work matters may hit a snag or you could argue with a co-worker.

Monday 3/3– Money news may be good today, as the Sun in your 8th house of shared resources reaches out to Pluto in your work house. You may get a bonus, or land a client or financing for your business. Health matters are also positive.

Tuesday 3/4–  If you’ve been experiencing illness or financial distress, today may bring relief, as healing Chiron conjuncts the Sun in Pisces and your 8th house. Chiron heals wounds, so its influence should be a positive one.

Wednesday 3/5– Your mind is on your career, as the moon passes through this sector. Although you may be unsure of where you career is going at the moment, today appears to bring positive financial news.

Thursday 3/6–  Jupiter goes direct in Cancer and your 12th house of closure, creativity, and health. If you’re trying to kick an addiction or bad habit, now you will have the power and motivation to do so. Work hard on behind-the-scenes projects in order to reap rewards by the time Jupiter moves into your sign in July.

Friday 3/7– Venus entered your partnership sector today, bringing romance to the forefront of your mind. Why not schedule a date night with your love and take advantage of the good vibes? If you’re single, get out on the town. You never know who you’ll meet!

Saturday 3/8– With both Mercury and Venus gliding through your partnership sector, you seem to be focused on another person, whether that’s in love or business. Now that Mercury is direct in this sector, long-term plans may start to become more clear. It seems there’s money to be made with a partner as well.

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