Which zodiac sign were you meant to be?

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14 comments on “Which zodiac sign were you meant to be?

  1. positivelyastro says:

    I want to hear from you! What sign did you get? What sign/rising sign are you? I’m a Leo, and I got Leo!

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  3. Daisy says:

    I’m a Leo and i got Sagittarius!! Funny because my husband is a Sagittarius.

  4. EarthyRam says:

    I’m an Aries but I got 55% Virgo & 45% Taurus..Not surprising because I’m really shy, thrifty, traditional & likes the simple things in life. Which is a good thing because my fiance is a Capricorn ^_^

  5. mandyyy says:

    i am a leo and got 55% aries 45% cancer

  6. sweet2mechii says:

    So taurus but 64% Pisces an 45% sagittarius

  7. Mel says:

    73% Pisces 45% gemini and I am a scorpio with either scorpio or libra ascendant (I definitely fit scorpio more),the only mutuable signs I have in my chart are pluto in sagittarius and jupiter in gemini, that’s literally all. I have no pisces in my chart just with scorpio ascendant my ascendant ruler falls into 12th house. The reason I think why I got pisces instead of scorpio is probably my indecisiveness which probably comes with libra mars and being fine with someone choosing something for me which normally I can be very opinionated about it, I just don’t care about going out.. xD

  8. Night says:

    So i am an Aries and I got the most unexpected results… 73% Gemini and 45% Libra. I found it so weird

    • positivelyastro says:

      what are your rising and moon signs? I would guess that one or both is an air sign (gemini/libra/aquarius) and one or both is a mutable sign (gemini/virgo/pisces/sagittarius)

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