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2013 saw you focusing pretty hard on your career, with Jupiter in your work house, Saturn in your career house, and Uranus in your communication house. You seem to be nailing work matters left and right, and the first half of 2014 will be more of the same.

January may be a little rocky, with a crappy new moon occurring in your 12th house of closure. It will conjunct Pluto and Mercury, square Mars in your travel house, square your ruler Uranus in your contract house, and even square Jupiter in your work house! Blergh. What a way to start the year, right? A secret may come out near this time that you didn’t see coming, or you may fight with a co-worker or authority figure. A job could come to an end, or a co-worker or subordinate may leave, and it could be a difficult goodbye. If this is true, don’t worry-  the universe is asking you to clear out all the cobwebs and clutter in your life  to make room for all the new stuff that’s on its way in your birthday month of February– your own personal new year!

Luckily, your aspects look great! The new moon in your sign in February is supported by you ruler Uranus in your communication house, and an offer or project may come to you out of the blue. There’s also a full moon in your partnership sign this month which will sextile Mars in your travel house. This would be a great time to go on a trip with your love, or sign on the dotted line with a new business partner.

The new moon in your income house in March is even better. It will conjunct Neptune, trine Jupiter in your work house and sextile Pluto in your endings house. These are excellent aspects to sell a company or negotiate a severance package. Additionally, any ventures in a creative or medical field would go well.

Enjoy it while you can, cause April is not the best month of the year. I don’t want to scare you, because these aspects are more likely to play out on the world stage, but I do want you to be aware of the turbulence in the sky. There’s a chaotic new moon in your 3rd house of communication, transportation, contracts and siblings. It’s conjunct Uranus, and square to planets in your work and closure houses. Go over contracts carefully, and try not to initiate anything during this time. March would be a far better month.

Later in April, planets in your work, closure, communication, and travel houses will all be in an exact square, and you may not like any news that comes up. Luckily, the month isn’t all bad, as April brings not one, but TWO, eclipses- one lunar, and one solar.

The lunar eclipse is in your 9th house of travel, and it’s friendly. An important trip may solidify, or you may hear news about university or a course of study. The solar eclipse is also friendly, and that one occurs in your 4th house of home. It will conjunct Mercury, and sextile Neptune in your 2nd house of income. Between now and November, you may sell your house for a profit, or a family member may launch a venture that brings in new money.

On July 17th, Jupiter moves into Leo and your 7th house of partnerships, and the whole tone of your year may change! Things with your partner will feel light and fun, and you may decide to get engaged or married. The new moon in July will be conjunct Jupiter, blessing this sector until July 2015.

You may hit a snag in August however, when the full moon in your sign squares Saturn in your career house and opposes Mercury in your partnership sign. You may be stuck at the office when your boo needs you, or perhaps you guys quibble over marriage or a wedding date. You’ll sort it out soon enough, as Uranus in your communication house is nicely angled.

In September, Jupiter will trine Uranus in your house of contracts- this would be a fine date to get married. So would Oct 8th, when there’s a beautiful lunar eclipse in this same sector. The eclipse will conjunct your ruler, Uranus, trine Mars in your house of hopes and dreams, AND trine Jupiter in your partnership house. Partner + Contract + Dreams? Sounds like a good wedding date to me! Alternatively, you could get the job of your dreams, or start a business with a friend or sibling. This eclipse is extra special, as these planets will all form a golden triangle in the fire signs (Leo, Sag, Aries) which blend beautifully with your air sign of Aquarius.

There’s also a solar eclipse in your career house on October 23rd, indicating that you may launch a new venture. It will conjunct Venus and sextile Neptune in your income house, suggesting it could be very profitable down the line! Even better news, Saturn will move out of your career sector on December 24th. After 2 years of proving yourself to VIP, the pressure will finally ease  up. Now YOU’LL be the VIP. There’s no limit as to how far you can go!

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  1. […] What a fun month to be you- this month is all about fun and wishes coming true! Early in the month, the Sun in your house of hopes and dreams will trine Uranus in your house of contracts and communication. You may sign on the dotted line, or hear great news from a sibling. Or, you could just go on a fun local trip or get an email or letter that excites you. On the 3rd, Mercury in your career house will sextile Mars in your money house, and you may see a bonus come in from your job. Nice! The luck continues on Friday the 13th, as Jupiter in your work house trines Saturn in your career house. You may get a promotion or new title, or just a healthy pat on the back from VIPs. The 17th sees a full moon in Gemini and your 5th house of true love. Wow! Gemini is a fellow air sign so you should love whatever comes up! You may meet a new love interest or make it official with a current beau. Maybe you discover that you or your partner is pregnant! There’s always a chance that you break up with your boo, but if you do, know that it’s all for the best. On the 22nd, Venus goes retrograde in your 12th house of endings. You may review a love relationship to make sure it’s what you want out of life. On Christmas Eve, the Sun in this same sector of endings will sextile Neptune in your income house. You may finish a project that nets you some funds, or perhaps start a new creative or medical position that increases your net worth. The 12th and 2nd houses are often highlighted with an engagement or marriage, so this is a possibility as well. This month, Mars moves out of your credit card house and into your travel house. This influence will last for 8 whole months! You may do a lot of traveling in the next 8 months, or perhaps work with foreign clients or on a writing or publishing project. On Christmas, Mars will oppose your ruler Uranus in your 3rd house of transportation and communication. Any travel this day might encounter difficulties- so prepare for plan B! The end of the month is tough for all signs. The Sun will conjunct Pluto and Mercury in your house of endings, and both will square Mars and Uranus in your travel and communication houses. You may be dealing with personal demons, or perhaps learn of a secret plot against you! Any contracts you’ve signed may cause issues for you. Alternatively, a health issue may come up that you have to deal with. I strongly advise you to lay low over NYE! This trend will continue into January, but don’t worry- there’s lots of good stuff to look forward to next year. Take a look at your 2014 horoscope here […]

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