Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2014

Zodiac sign of Virgo in a 15th century manuscript

Zodiac sign of Virgo in a 15th century manuscript (Photo credit: e-codices)

It seems that some of your wildest dreams may have come true in 2013. This is due to Jupiter’s transit of your 11th house of hopes and wishes since summer of 2013. This trend will continue into summer 2014, so if you haven’t experienced any miracles yet, you still have plenty of time.

Enjoy it, because the second half of the year will see you laying low and retreating a bit. We’ll get to that in a minute though.

The beginning of the year is tough for all signs, as the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are all conjunct in your house of fun and love, and squaring planets in your money houses. You seem to be fighting with a love partner or child over money, or perhaps a creative hobby is eating into your funds. Luckily, the end of the month is friendly, with indications that you may sign an important contract or go on a fun local trip.

February is looking good, with a new moon in your work house supported by Uranus in your money house. You might get a new job with a better salary, or perhaps a bonus will come in from a work assignment. A full moon this month falls in your house of endings, and sextiles Mars in your income house, further indicating a payout from a job or project that may be coming to an end.

March is a lovely month, as a new moon occurs in your house of partnerships that is supported by Jupiter in your hopes and dreams house and Pluto in your fun and love house. You may begin a new chapter of a love relationship- perhaps meeting a new beau, or taking things to the next level with a current one. If you’re already married, you may discuss having a baby! Alternatively, creative types might be taking on a new partner for a creative collaboration. The full moon this month occurs in your own sign and sextiles Saturn in your house of communication and contracts. This is a great time for a commitment.

April is dodgy for all signs, although it’s likely to have more of an effect in politics and world news than on most people’s personal lives- so try not to stress out too much. I know you can be a bit of a worrier dear Virgin, and it’s no use trying to predict something that hasn’t happened yet. The new moon in April occurs in your 8th house of shared resources (money), and will conjunct Uranus- indicating that news may come up out of the blue. It will square Jupiter in your house of hopes and dreams, and Pluto in your love house. Again, money seems to be the root of the problem. The planets, along with Mars and the moon in Libra, will all face off later in the month too- around April 21st– so I’d lay low this month!

Adding to the chaos- April holds two eclipses. The first is lunar, and occurs in your income house. It’s a fairly neutral eclipse, so hard to tell how this will manifest. The second eclipse, this time solar, occurs in your house of travel and broad horizons, and will conjunct your ruler, Mercury, so I suspect this one will have a great effect on you! You may begin a writing or speaking project, or perhaps begin the process of applying to college or grad school. Alternatively, an offer to live abroad or work with foreign clients may come up out of the blue. This eclipse will sextile Neptune in your partnership house, so the offer may come through your partner or spouse, or perhaps a middle man like an agent or employer. Watch the following 6 months to see how this will manifest.

The big news of 2014 is Jupiter’s move next July to your 12th house of secrets and endings. The universe is encouraging you to rest, retreat, and reflect. What’s working in your life, and what isn’t? You may have to do some mental “cleaning out the attic” at this time to make sure you’re living your life according to your true values. Feel free to spend more time at home thinking, writing, pondering…you have cosmic permission! This would be a great year to work on a behind the scenes project- preferably a creative one. In 2015, Jupiter will move into your sign and you’ll reap the benefits of the hard work you put in now!

In August, a sticky work situation may come to a head with the full moon in this sector. It will oppose your ruler in your 12th house, and square Saturn in your 3rd house of communication. Uranus will sextile from your 8th, indicating money could be involved. You could get a new job, but the money isn’t what you thought it would be. Alternatively, you may lose a job, but land a hefty severance package to carry you until you land a new job. Watch your health around this time, as a full moon in this house can bring up latent medical issues. Be careful on the road or while traveling too!

September is an exciting time, when you may hear unexpected money news. Thinking of buying a new home? It might all come together by October 8th, when a gorgeous lunar eclipse makes a golden triangle in your houses of money, endings, and home. If you’re selling a home, you may find you get an offer for more than you asked! If you’re looking to buy, you may find you have enough funds to buy the home of your dreams! Alternatively, you may come into a large inheritance you didn’t see coming.

Another eclipse occurs on the October 23rd, this time it’s a solar eclipse, occurring in your house of contracts and communication. It will conjunct Venus (ruler of your income house and travel house) and sextile Neptune in your partnership house. You may enter into an agreement with a partner in love or business, or go on a trip with your love. Perhaps you and your partner will decide to purchase a new car!

On Christmas Eve, Saturn will move out of this same sector of transportation and communication (it will return briefly in 2015, but then be gone for good!). If you’ve been feeling stifled for the last few years, you may finally find the words to express yourself. Alternatively, any car issues you’ve been having will become much easier to deal with. If you’ve had a sibling going through a hard time, the pressure should begin to lift. Sounds like a great 2014 to me!

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