2014 January Horoscopes- Virgo

virgo januaryIn the words of the great Pat Benatar, love’s a real bitch. Okay, she didn’t exactly say that. But this month definitely sees you strapping on some armor to get through the battlefield we call love. A new moon occurs in your love, children, and fun sector on January 1st, and it’s taking a coupl’a kidney punches. It’s conjunct Pluto and your ruler, Mercury, square Uranus in your house of joint resources, square Mars in your 2nd house of income, and opposite Jupiter in your 11th house of friendship. You may find out something surprising about a loved one’s finances, or perhaps find yourself having to spend a large chunk o’ change on your sweetheart. Perhaps they got laid off and you have to support them ’til they get back on their feet. Or maybe some pent up financial frustrations are finally spilling out of your (or their!) mouth. If someone’s acting like a mooch, you gotta stand up for yourself, but if it’s a temporary thing let’s not play tit-for-tat with the checkbook, Virgo. For now, zip those lips about the $100 they spent on on cat butt magnets– chances are they’re feeling this chaotic planetary energy in their own way, and the influence will pass. Alternatively, you may have to rearrange your funds to accommodate a pregnancy or child, or a creative project could go awry due to budget constraints. On the 11th, the Sun will conjunct Venus in your 5th house and sextile Saturn in your 3rd. Problems will get a boost of luck. If you’re fighting, you’ll likely find the words to kiss and make-up. The full moon on the 16th occurs in your house of friendship and hopes and dreams. Something important may come to fruition, or a friend may have big news. The end of the month sees you focused on work, work, work- but you don’t mind, this is the sector your sign rules after all. Your ruler, Mercury, and the Sun begin to migrate into your work and health house, and both connect separately with Uranus in your 8th house of money. The 17th especially is a day when you may see a bonus come in from higher ups from good work performed. The new moon at the end of the moon may bring with it a new work assignment or assistant, or even a new job. With it, a new salary to boot! happy new year to you!

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