2014 January Horoscope- Leo

leo januaryWork, betch. That seems to be your catchphrase these days, Leo. With a stellium of planets in your 6th house of work and health, you seem to have assignments coming in left and right. The new moon in this sector comes flanked with terrible aspects, as it opposes Jupiter in your health and closure sector, squares Uranus in your travel sector, and squares Mars in your communication sector. Work or illness may have interfered with your travel plans, or perhaps a secret came out at the office. You may lose a beloved assistant or be dealing with an underhanded co-worker. If you start a new job, it may not turn out to be what you hoped. Luckily, your ruler, the Sun, will conjunct Venus on the 11th and sextile Saturn in your 4th house of home. A friend may be instrumental in some good news, or perhaps you throw a fun party in your home! The 16th sees a full moon in your house of closure. Watch your health around this time, and take as many bubble baths as needed! You may feel a little introverted at this time (who YOU, leo?) and crave some alone time. Take it! The moon will trine Saturn in your house of home, so hole yourself up and treat yo self. Drink that wine, read that new book, and turn off the phone . After such a busy month, you deserve it! Luckily, the tone of the month will change as Mercury and the Sun move into your house of partnership. On the 29th, your ruler, the Sun, in your 7th house of partners will ┬ásextile Uranus in your 9th house of travel. This would be a fine time to take a vacay with your one and only. Alternatively, you may partner up in some kind of publishing project! If you’re involved in any legal situations, they should go well at this time. The new moon at the end of the month in your partnership sector will also be arm in arm with Uranus, which should set the tone for a full year of travel with your partner. Sounds like a blast to me! Especially with all the goodies you have coming up later this year…

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