2014 January Horoscopes- Sagittarius

sagittarius januaryThis month has been all about the money for you, amirite Sag? A bunch of planets and the new moon that occurred on the 1st took place in your income sector, usually good news except for the trouble some other planets are stirring up! Uranus in your 5th house may have brought surprise baby or love news- perhaps a child is proving to be expensive, or a lover isn’t bringing in as much income as you expected. Additionally, Mars in your 11th house of friendship may feel at times like there’s a never-ending parade of people trying to hang out with you! All those margaritas and group dinners may be pulling at your purse strings. Jupiter (your ruler) is in your 8th house of other people’s resources, so you may have come into a bonus or inheritance of some kind over the last 7 months, but this month it’s opposing the new moon in your income house. You may be feeling fuzzy between what’s MINE and what’s OURS, Saggy (can I call you Saggy? I’m gonna call you Saggy). Luckily, on the 11th, Venus will conjunct the Sun in Capricorn and sextile Saturn in your house of closure. You may end a project that nets you some income, or perhaps receive a raise- this is especially true if you work in a hospital, institution, or medical field. The 16th sees a full moon in cancer and your 8th house of joint resources. You may receive a bonus or inheritance, or your partner could come into some funds. The whole tone of the month changes towards the end of January, as Mercury and the Sun head into your 3rd house of communication and sextile Uranus in your 5th house. A sibling may announce a pregnancy or engagement, or you may find love on a short trip with friends. Alternatively, you may sign a contract for a creative or writing project. The new moon on the 31st is wonderfully angled to Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries in your house of fun and love, indicating that great news will come out of the blue. Enjoy!

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