Libra Horoscope March 2014

libra marchSummary: A month focused on work, health, and positive career developments. Mid-month may bring the need to let go of something or someone. Review financials and seek ways to up your income stream.

Expanded Horoscope: If you’ve been working towards big things in your career, this just may be the month it begins to pay off. The new moon on February 28th occurs in your work sector and is perfectly aligned with Jupiter, planet of good fortune, in your career sector. This is a beautiful match-up if you are beginning a new job or work assignment. You may even get a promotion at your current job. It seems that whatever you’re working on will bring you more prestige- you may even get a little press!

Jupiter has been residing in your career sector since last July- a great placement if you’re trying to take your profession to the next level- but it went retrograde in November. If it seemed like things were going so well and then abruptly stalled, that’s why. Luckily, on March 6th, Jupiter will resume direct motion and return to full strength. Career matters should speed ahead once again, and fortunately you have this luck all the way through July!

Mercury also goes direct this month, so if you’ve been feeling confused about a romance, child, or travel matter, things should start to become more clear. Even better news for romance is Venus’s entry into your 5th house of love, children, and creativity on March 6th. If you’re single, you may meet someone at this time, so get out there and mingle! Coupled up Libra’s may feel their relationship turn lighter and more fun, so be sure to take plenty of date nights this month! Venus is your ruler, so you feel its transits more strongly than other signs (with the exception of Taurus, whom Venus also rules). If you are trying to conceive, this may be a fortunate time for you, and if you already have children, this may be a positive period for them.

The full moon this month takes place in your 12th house of endings on March 16th. You may end a relationship, project, or job at this time. In general, you seem to be letting something go. The moon’s relationship to Saturn in your income house suggests that money is involved. Perhaps you sell something that gets you some cash, or a creative project nets you some funds. If none of this is true for you, you may just feel the need to retreat a little bit and take it easy, or work on a behind-the-scenes project. Next month there will be an eclipse in your sign (on April 15th), and something important to you will culminate. A four way square will follow one week later between planets in your home, career, self, and partnership houses, so April will be a big month for you! Take it easy now while you can.

Switching gears a bit, Mars has been zipping through your sign since December 2013, giving you motivation in spades. This was great news if you’re initiating a project or personal endeavor of some kind, as you have more energy than ever. Mars rules your partnership house, so a business or personal relationship may have been prominent in your life. Mars retrogrades on March 1st, and you may need to re-do some work, or re-vise the terms of your partnership. Retrogrades can feel a little bit like getting stuck in the mud, but if you power through it, you will be better for it. Mars will return to direct motion on May 19th, 2014.

Saturn is another planet that turns retrograde this month, and it will do so on March 2nd. Saturn is currently in your income and self-worth house, so these are the areas that would come up for review. You may re-negotiate your salary with your employer or think of new ways to bring in money. There is a possibility that you will take a financial hit- perhaps you encounter an unexpectedly large expense or experience a loss of some kind of income stream. Saturn will resume forward motion on July 20th, and will eventually move out of this sector entirely by December 24th, although it will return briefly in 2015. It hasn’t been easy being a Libra the last few years, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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