Capricorn February 2014 Monthly Horoscope

capricorn febRomance been making your head spin lately, Capricorn? Don’t fret- Venus goes direct in your sign on the 1st, and matters of the heart should become more clear. Venus rules your houses of love, marriage, and career, and has been traversing your sign for a few months now. You may have been reviewing love or career matters and deciding whether or not a job or relationship is right for you. At times, you could feel it’s possible to navigate these waters with a clear head! You’re not even sure what you want! After the 1st, these issues will come into clear focus and resume forward motion.

Adding to the good news, the new moon in your financial sector that takes place at the end of January is supported by Uranus in your home sector. If you’re looking to purchase or sell a home, these are excellent aspects! Alternatively, a job opportunity or new income stream may pop up that jives with your home needs. Perhaps this new job is even in real estate, or a work-from-home opportunity. Perhaps it will take you to a city where you’ve always wanted to live! Try to make any big decisions the first week of February, as Mercury will retrograde from Feb 6th- March 1st. Financial matters may become a little sticky, so be sure to review any documents or account info with a fine toothed comb.

The 11th could be a tough day, when the Sun in your income sector will square Saturn (your ruler!)  in your house of friendship/hopes and dreams. You may hear bad money news- perhaps you’re not getting the salary you expected from a project, or you fight with a friend about money. Valentine’s Day may prove to be welcome relief, when a full moon occurs in your OTHER financial house- the 8th house of bonuses and shared resources. This moon will trine Mars in Libra in your 10th house of career, and you may see a bonus or payout come in from your job. Perhaps a spouse comes into an inheritance. The following day, the Sun in your income sector will activate Mars in your career house, and you may get a raise. One of Capricorn’s best traits is your ability to work hard and stay in the game when others drop out. Enjoy your rewards when they come! Why not spend the new cash on a romantic couple’s weekend? It is Valentine’s day after all!

Watch out for any contracts that come up on the 22nd. The Sun will conjunct Neptune in your contract and communication house. Neptune can conceal details, and Mercury will still be retrograde, so read over everything and try to delay signing if you can. All that glitters is not always gold as they say! Alternatively, if you’re a writer, you may feel extra inspired on this day, so put that pen to paper, lock yourself in a room, and get to typing!

The 24th will be lovely for romance, as Venus in your sign will sextile Saturn (that’s your ruler!) in your 11th house of hopes and dreams. You may have a magical night with your love, or perhaps you’ll find romance with someone you thought was just a friend. The best romances are built on strong friendships, so go for it!

The 25th might be a bit tougher, as Jupiter (in your opposite sign of Cancer) will square Uranus in your house of home, and you may fight with a partner about a housing situation. Luckily, the good aspects in your communication house next month will grant you the gift of gab, so you should find the words to clear it all up.

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