October 2013 Monthly Horoscopes- Virgo

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Grammia virgo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Money can’t buy you love. So say The Beatles anyway. I advise you keep that in mind this month, as your financial situation might get a little wonky. Luckily, the month starts out on a nice note- your ruler, Mercury, is in your 3rd house of communication (the house mercury rules!), and on Oct 3rd, it will trine Neptune in your 7th house of partnerships. Communication with your sweetie will be divine on this day. Alternatively, any contract you sign to form a new business partnership will be swimming in good luck. Unfortunately, the good vibrations come to a halt on the 5th, with a new moon in your income house. This new moon will be opposing Uranus in your house of other people’s money, and squaring Pluto in your house of true love. Perhaps you and your love aren’t on the same page regarding a financial situation, or your child has a large expense. Alternatively, funding for a creative project may suddenly go awry. This isn’t such a new influence- Uranus has been sending you surprises in your money sector for 2 1/2 years, and Pluto has been drudging up issues regarding love, children, and creativity since 2008. The two planets have been squaring each other since June 2012, forcing you to confront any issues you have with love and money. They will continue to do so until 2015, so you may as well start listening. They know what they’re talking about. Coming back to this month, on the 13th, the Sun in your financial sector will square Jupiter in your 11th house of hopes and wishes, and the funding for a long-term goal could hit a snag. As if that weren’t enough, your ruler Mercury will conjunct hard-knocks planet Saturn twice this month in your communication house- once on the 8th and once on the 30th (and again next month- argh!). If you didn’t sign a contract on the 3rd, for the love of all that is good and holy please don’t do it now. If a contract isn’t on the table, you might instead have issues with a car or sibling. There’s always the chance that instead of bringing bad vibes, Saturn could bring stability to a contract, so if you have to sign something on the 8th you might be able to get away with it. However, because Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st,  you definitely want to avoid the 30th. Since Mercury is your ruler, its retrograde is extra frustrating for you. You may find a project close to your heart needs to be re-configured, career matters seem sticky, or perhaps your car suddenly has a host of problems. You don’t need me to tell you that you shouldn’t even think of buying a new car or taking a new job until Mercury turns direct. Next month, on November 13th, Mercury will resume forward motion at the same time the Sun in the 3rd house will trine Jupiter. Give your final word then. You might be wondering if this month brings ANY good news. Well- it does! On the 10th, Venus in your 4th house of home will trine Uranus in your 8th house of other people’s money. A home loan may come through, or you may be the recipient of an inheritance. Perhaps your home  life will go through an epic transformation that you didn’t anticipate. The lunar eclipse in this same financial sector on the 20th makes an influx of cash a real possibility.  Just make sure you avoid moving or signing contracts when Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st! Mars enters your sign on the 8th giving you tons of energy and drive. This is a fortunate aspect that only comes along every 2 years. Unfortunately, you may find yourself beating your head against the wall once Mercury goes retrograde. The energy of Mars + the delays of retrograde = frustration. Sweat it out at the gym, Virgo, and breathe. It will pass. Specifically, it will pass after November 12th, when Mercury will go direct and you’ll still have Mars in your sign. On the 20th, Mars will oppose Neptune in your 7th house of partnerships. Neptune has been transiting this house for a while, casting a fog over your partnerships. This dreamy planet doesn’t play very well with aggressive Mars in your sign, and you may find yourself in a confrontation with your significant other on this day. Luckily, on the 26th, the Sun in your 3rd house will trine Pisces in your partnership house, bringing communication back to a manageable level. Even better, on the 31st, Mars in your sign will trine Pluto in your 5th house of true love, making for one helluva sexy Halloween. Why not make scary, sexy!


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October 2013 Horoscopes- Taurus

English: Caption in book reads: "Izdubah ...

English: Caption in book reads: “Izdubah and Heabani in conflict with the lion and bull”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did a dream close to your heart come true last month? Hopefully it did, and hopefully you had fun, cause this month, it’s time to get down to business. There’s a new moon in your 6th house of work on Oct 5th, indicating some changes in your job are on the horizon. You might get a new work space or assistant, or perhaps change jobs entirely. Unfortunately this new moon is opposed to Uranus in your 12th house of secrets and closure, so you might not like whatever changes are coming. To top it off, Pluto in your 9th house of broad horizons is squaring both the new moon and Uranus. You could be struggling with whether or not your work matches your value system, or you might have problems with a foreign client. If you have to travel for work, these are really not good aspects, and I advise you push your trip to November if you can. Another alternative is that you may be feeling like you’re underperforming at work. Perhaps you put your heart and soul into a project that totally flopped.  Or maybe you’re dealing with some underhanded co-workers or bad working conditions and unsure of how to move forward. One day specifically to watch out for is October 13th, when the Sun in your work sector will square Jupiter in your house of communication. A contract might fall apart, or you may get into a disagreement with a co-worker. Pluto has been tearing through your house of values and beliefs since 2008, and Uranus has been in your house of closure since 2011. Since June of 2012, these two planets have been in a wrestling match, pitting these two houses against each other. Your value system may be undergoing an overhaul, and you might be digging deeply within your psyche to find out exactly who you are. You might want to do yoga or start a meditation practice, because this is an influence that will last until 2015. Another area of your life that seems to be under fire is a close relationship, either in business or love. Saturn has been in this sector since 2012, putting the pressure on this relationship to see if it can stand it. April born Tauruses are finally feeling some relief, but early May bulls are in the thick of it. In a few months, later-born Tauruses will feel the glare as well. You might be in the process of getting married or starting a business partnership, and things could feel serious (and seriously lacking in fun!). Alternatively, the cracks in an existing relationship might be showing, and they could turn out to be too large to repair. If neither of these apply, you may just be feeling run-down or lacking enthusiasm, or stuck in a situation that you won’t be able to get out of until Saturn moves out of orbit. A few days where this pressure might be activated are on the 8th and 30th, when Mercury in this same sector (Scorpio) will conjunct Saturn (it will happen one more time, on November 26th). Mercury rules your houses of income and children, so you may be fighting with a spouse about money or your child. Alternatively, you could feel you’re not getting paid enough by your employer, or you might be having “creative differences” on a work project. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st, you will have to go back and review any of these issues. Things might not get sorted out until next month, on Nov 12th, when Mercury goes direct again. I would urge you not to take a new job or get married while Mercury is retrograde. Mercury retrograde obscures facts and reality, and you may find out later that the job or relationship does not work out in your favor. Perhaps the conditions at a new workplace aren’t what you thought they’d be, or a new partner shows a side of their personality you didn’t know about and don’t like . I have ignored this advice on several occasions- once taking a new job and another time moving into a new apartment- each time knowing it was Mercury retrograde but thinking that I didn’t want to pass up what seemed like a good opportunity. Neither time worked out well for me! Both the job and living situation turned out to be awful and stressful, and it took me a long time to get out of both. So proceed at your own peril! Sometimes you don’t really have a choice, and you have to go through a bad situation to get to a good one, but just know that any agreements you enter into at this time will need to be re-done later. Venus (your ruler!) moves into your 8th house of other people’s money on the 8th, and you may hear good news about a partner’s income, or about a loan or tax refund. Just watch out for the 10th, when Venus will square Neptune in your house of friendship and money matters could go wrong. The 17th however, should bring great news, as Venus will trine Uranus in your 12th. You could get an inheritance you didn’t see coming, or perhaps money from a creative endeavor will come through. The lunar eclipse on the 18th will fall in your house of endings, and a project or relationship may come to a close at this time. The universe is asking you to clear out the old to make way for the new. Next month, there will be a full moon in your sign, and Jupiter will be in a good angle, so things will work out for the best. Mars moves into your house of true love and creativity on the 16th, and you may find matters of these nature get a turbo charge. Interested in baby-making? This is a great time to make like bunnies and get on it! Any creative projects will get a boost as your imagination seems to be on fire! Watch out for the 20th, when Mars will oppose Neptune in your house of hopes and dreams. These two polar opposite planets are in two polar opposite houses, and the lines between friendship and love may get blurry. You may find yourself suddenly crushing on someone you thought was just a friend, or perhaps he’s the one suddenly looking at you differently! If you’re looking to turn it into something more, the 26th is a great day…the Sun in your house of relationships will trine Neptune in your house of friendship, and you may wonder why you didn’t get together sooner! On the 31st, Mars in your love house will trine Pluto in your travel house. This is a great day for travel and romance, or for working on a creative project like a novel or screenplay. Why not make it a horror movie? It is Halloween after all!

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