October 2013 Monthly Horoscopes- Leo

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Hope you have some ginger ale handy this month, cause you may get carsick on this wild ride. Let’s get the bad out of the way, shall we? The new moon on the 5th in your 3rd house is one jerk of a hostess. She’s opposing Uranus in your 9th house and squaring Pluto in your 6th. Travel is not ideal this month, nor are writing or speaking endeavors. With the 6th house in play, a health issue could come into the picture. Alternatively, you may be fighting with co-workers. Contracts could go awry, siblings could cause problems, or you may suffer transportation breakdowns. Your work and travel houses have been fighting since October 2012. You may have been struggling with whether your values match your job description, and communication breakdowns with co-workers have probably been likely. You have a few more years to sort out your feelings on this, cause these planets will continue to fight until 2015. Complicating matters this month is the fact that Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st in your house of home. Issues surrounding the house and home will go fuzzy and stall. Promise me you won’t commit to a new lease during this time! As if retrograde weren’t enough, Mercury conjuncts Saturn in your house of home twice this month (the 8th and the 30th). Eek. Saturn is a serious planet that can cause hardships and limitations. Mercury is a communication planet, so you can see these aren’t ideal conditions to commit to a housing situation. Mercury rules your houses of income and long-term goals, and retrograde will cause you to review and change matters of these nature, so I’d wait until next month to see where things stand. There’s always a chance Saturn will actually be beneficial- it could lend stability to your venture- but with that wonky new moon and Mercury retrograde, I personally wouldn’t take any chances. You can look at apartments, but don’t put anything in writing until November 12th. In fact, on November 13th, the sun in your housing sector will trine good-luck Jupiter, so that will be a great time to move forward. This month however, on Oct 13,  your ruler (the sun) in your communication house will square Jupiter in your 12th, so you should pretty much avoid contracts of any kind all month. Some good news for your love life- Venus moves into Sagittarius and your 5th house of pleasure and love on the 8th, sure to make for a romantic time. On the 17th, Venus trines Uranus in your 9th house of travel. You might find sudden sparks with a foreigner or while at university. Alternatively, you might have a flash of inspiration for a publishing or broadcasting project. The eclipse in Aries at 25 degrees on the 18th will bring this same house into focus, and a matter regarding publishing, education, or travel will peak. Just watch out for the 20th, when Mars in your 2nd house of income will oppose neptune in your house of other people’s money. Mars is the aggressor planet and neptune likes to smoke ’em peace pipe, so these two go together like Zuckerberg and the Winklevii twins. Go over any financial dealings with a fine tooth comb, as Neptune likes to conceal details. Halloween brings good news on the money front, as Mars in your income house will trine pluto in your work house- an excellent aspect for raising your salary at your current job! Sounds like a happy halloween to me!

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