Leo Yearly Horoscope 2014

English: Lion representing the Leo sign in ast...

English: Lion representing the Leo sign in astrology. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get ready to emerge from the shadows, baby, cause 2014 is your time to shine! We all know how much Leo loves the spotlight, so this should be welcome news. The big woop for you is that Jupiter moves into your sign on July 17th, blessing you with fortune and luck for a whole year. It will be so nice to finally have things go your way after a few years of being a little down and out- something that does NOT look good on a Leo.

There’s also a gorgeous new birthday moon in your sign on July 26th that’s conjunct Jupiter (woo-hoo!) indicating that birthday-to-birthday (2014-2015) will be a fine time for you.

Let’s back up and go to the beginning of the year though. January through June finds you finishing up obligations and perhaps working in solitude on a behind-the-scenes project in preparation for your big coming out year. The vibe will be similar to what you’ve already been doing since July of 2013.

January may be a bit sticky, as there’s a wonky new moon in your 6th house of work and health that’s being attacked on all sides! It will conjunct both Pluto and Mercury, and it will square both Mars in your 3rd house of communication, and Uranus in your 9th house of travel, publishing, and education. You may start a work assignment that is difficult- perhaps you don’t mesh with your co-workers, or you’ll have to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone. Also, guard your health closely- this moon occurs on New Years Day and we all know how much you love to party! Tone it down or you may find yourself starting out the year sick. Watch out for drunk drivers on the road as well, and don’t drive too fast!

Something may come to an end later this month, as there’s a full moon in Cancer and your 12th house of endings. Saturn in your 4th house of home will be supportive, indicating that you may move or finish home renovation projects.

February looks good, with a friendly new moon in your partnership house suggesting you go on a surprise trip with your lover, or perhaps get an agent or book publisher. The full moon in your own sign of Leo at the end of Feb sextiles Mars in your house of communication and contracts, doubling down on both of these possibilities.

March is also smooth sailing, as a new moon in your 8th house of joint resources is well supported- it’s conjunct Neptune, trine Jupiter in the 12th, and sextile Pluto in your 6th! Funding for a work project could come through or you may get a bonus. The full moon in your income sector later in March is sextile your house of home, indicating that income could also come from or on the home. Also in March (the 23rd), the north node moves into Libra and your 3rd house of communication. Your focus will move from the house and home to writing and communication projects. The north node here wants you to focus on your immediate environment- on your friends, neighbors, siblings, and keeping all systems running smoothly. Slow down and be sure to listen to others when they speak!

Now for the bad news- April is truly a headache of a month.  The new moon in your 9th house of travel will conjunct Uranus, square Jupiter in your 12th, AND square Pluto in your 6th. Travel and publishing projects will not go well, unfortunately, and something totally surprising may pop up. Also this month, Pluto goes retrograde for 5 months, and work projects may stall or need to be re-done.

On April 21st, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Mars, and Moon will all square each other- causing a huge headache for everyone. This is likely to play out on the world stage as well, as often this kind of clash can bring about an uprising or world crisis (we’ve seen this the past few Aprils- Arab spring anyone?). Luckily, April also brings a pretty friendly lunar eclipse in your 3rd house of communication, as well as a solar eclipse in your 10th house of career that’s conjunct Mercury and sextile Neptune in your 8th house of money. You may begin a new career path- possibly involving writing or speaking- and it could net you some funds. Watch the next 6 months to see how this plays out.

July is when things really start to shift into high gear for you, as Jupiter moves into Leo, bringing blessings and luck your way!

August might bring trouble on the partnership front, however, as the full moon in this sector squares Saturn in your 4th house of home and opposes Mercury in your own sign. You and your partner may squabble over family or housing issues. Luckily, Uranus will be sextile, and you’ll have the power of that beautiful new moon in July to find a solution.

In September, Jupiter in your sign will trine Uranus, and you may hear unexpected travel or publishing news. A friendly lunar eclipse on October 8th falls in this same house, and my is it lovely. It will be conjunct Uranus, trine Mars in your 5th house of true love and creativity, and ALSO trine Jupiter in your first house of self! A golden triangle of good fortune! Perhaps you’ll meet the love of your life or get engaged while traveling, or maybe you’ll receive press for a publishing or broadcasting project. How exciting! Alternatively you might discover a pregnancy or hear good news about one of your children!

There’s also a solar eclipse in October in Scorpio at 0 degrees, indicating you may begin to think about changing up your living situation. It will conjunct Venus, and sextile Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces, so it will be steeped with good fortune. You may find you have the necessary funds to land a nicer housing situation- fabulous! Even better news, Saturn will exit your housing sector on December 24th (Christmas Eve!) relieving any pressure you’ve felt in this area. All in all, 2014 looks like it’s your year!

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  1. […] December is always a grand time for a Leo, as the Sun dances through your 5th house of fun and love- the house your sign rules! This month is no different, and early this month, you may hear (great!) unexpected news about a creative project, loved one, or child. It may involve travel, writing, or publishing so keep your ears open! On the third, you may hear news about a family member’s income, or perhaps you’ll get some money from work performed on or from the home. Adding to the home luck, the 13th is a gorgeous day, when Jupiter in your 12th house of closure will trine Saturn in your 4th house. The full moon on the 17th occurs in your house of hopes and dreams. Something important to you will culminate, or perhaps you’ll hear news about a friend. The big news this month is that Mars will move out of your income house and into your 3rd house of communication. Thank god, right? Mars has been making you spend money left and right! Mars in the 3rd will see you being a busy little bee. Emails, correspondence, local trips, errands…these will all be amplified for the next 8 months. You may have car issues so keep an eye out- make sure your oil is changed, tires are full, etc. Alternatively, a sibling might have a lot going on, or you will be in contact with them a lot. Christmas Eve will be a lovely time, when your ruler, the Sun, in your 6th house of work and health will trine Neptune in your 8th house of shared resources. You may get a bonus or raise at work, or even a new job with a better salary. Merry Christmas to you! Watch out for any travel on Christmas Day- Mars and Uranus will oppose each other on this day, causing problems getting from A to B. This will only be amplified by the end of the month. The Sun will conjunct Pluto and Mercury in your work and health house on the 31st, and all will square Uranus and Mars in your travel and communication houses. Be careful on the road (watch out for drunk drivers on NYE!) and watch your tongue with co-workers. Writing and communications projects may hit a snag. This trend will continue into January, unfortunately. To read your 2014 horoscope, go here […]

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